Thursday, August 29, 2013

BALLYHOO March 1936,3 of 3

The last of the cartoons from this issue of Ballyhoo, the other two parts of which are here and here.

Jack Markow  photo 8-29-1_zps1a60b3b6.jpg  photo 8-29-2_zps32dadeb6.jpg  photo 8-29-3_zpsb13e1fa5.jpg  photo 8-29-4_zpsdb925536.jpg C. W. Anderson  photo 8-29-5_zps93d63a23.jpg  photo 8-29-6_zps45ba118f.jpg Chester Garde  photo 8-29-7_zps6c6b19ef.jpg  photo 8-29-8_zpsb31b7b9d.jpg  photo 8-29-9_zps137f4f2c.jpg  photo 8-29-10_zps2183acbd.jpg  photo 8-29-11_zps411e45de.jpg  photo 8-29-12_zps2017145e.jpg  photo 8-29-13_zps453f929d.jpg  photo 8-29-14_zps806fc810.jpg  photo 8-29-15_zps790ed228.jpg And here's the ad they had on the back cover  photo 8-29-16_zps2921b075.jpg

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