Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ballyhoo March 1936, 1 of 3

Here's stuff from the March 1936 issue of another humor magazine that predated Mad, probably inspired by college humor magazines, some of which they reprinted material from.

Russell Patterson did most of the covers for this, and a collection of his work is available through Fantagraphics  photo 8-15-1-1936_zpsa1ba5ec0.jpg  photo 8-15-2_zps1b73bef4.jpg  photo 8-15-3_zps1cbf4083.jpg  photo 8-15-4_zps119b4b4f.jpg  photo 8-15-5_zps2f41587f.jpg Many of the one-panel cartoons were drawn by Chester Garde, who I have almost no information on, except that he did a lot of cartoons about the Depression.  photo 8-15-6_zps643350a1.jpg  photo 8-15-7_zpse62a3674.jpg  photo 8-15-8_zps370b554d.jpg  photo 8-15-9_zps2b34d6d4.jpg  photo 8-15-10_zpsbf71beac.jpg  photo 8-15-11_zpsabe2a26d.jpg  photo 8-15-12_zpsdc9a56bb.jpg  photo 8-15-13_zps97e47c06.jpg  photo 8-15-14_zps0e47c492.jpg  photo 8-15-15_zpseb338463.jpg  photo 8-15-16_zps4e50071b.jpg


  1. these are great, I have a few issues of this I need to post sometime too

  2. Do you have blogs other than the two on my sidebar?