Saturday, August 17, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Volume IV, part 5

Here are more excerpts from Great Cartoons of the World, Volume 4, edited by John Bailey, which I've been putting herefor the past few weeks.

Guillermo Mordillo  photo 8-17-1_zps2bdb82cc.jpg Charles Saxon for The New Yorker who as is said of in the introduction, “reveals tremendous insight into children and the horrendous duties they are compelled to perform without quite understanding them.”  photo 8-17-2_zps757f8700.jpg These two are by John Glashan  photo 8-17-3_zps3d1babc1.jpg  photo 8-17-4_zpsf6cc7e16.jpg Frank Modell for The New Yorker did this cartoon which is also mentioned in the book's introduction:

Just as neatly, Modell ponts out the sad fact that love ends. Not for everyone, of course, but for some people, and, not infrequently, the most unlikely people.  photo 8-17-5_zpsc4e2ebd6.jpg Norman Thelwell  photo 8-17-6_zps849003a4.jpg John Glashan  photo 8-17-7_zpscec41e8c.jpg Ton Smits  photo 8-17-8_zps99d195e9.jpg Bruce Petty again for The New Yorker  photo 8-17-9_zps6dda09b7.jpg Edward Koren for, who do you think?  photo 8-17-10_zpsfb7ab035.jpg Robert Day for Look  photo 8-17-11_zpsde98f06a.jpg Anatol Kovarsky  photo 8-17-12_zps8b2ff07d.jpg Norman Thelwell for Punch  photo 8-17-13_zps6c4263f4.jpg

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