Monday, August 19, 2013


The Christmas issue of Crazy from February 1980.  photo 8-19-1_zps765d814b.jpg  photo 8-19-2_zpsc8a59026.jpg Parody of Moonraker. In the late 70s Hollywood decided to have every movie take place in outer space, so the James Bond franchise followed suit.  photo 8-19-3_zps8bd68998.jpg Spoof of Rocky II.  photo 8-19-4_zps8c1f4f9c.jpg Their version of Alien.  photo 8-19-5_zps2fc962fa.jpg  photo 8-19-6_zps0a48a409.jpg It wouldn't be a Paul Laikin-edited issue of Crazy without a bit of racism...  photo 8-19-7_zps6005259d.jpg  photo 8-19-8_zpsed020744.jpg  photo 8-19-9_zps6a1037fd.jpg  photo 8-19-10_zps483a33bf.jpg  photo 8-19-11_zps8d214034.jpg Defrocked from his position as one of the usual gang of idiots, Arnoldo Franchioni returns to his position as contributor to the lesser-known humor magazines.  photo 8-19-12_zpsb251d187.jpg  photo 8-19-13_zps2556394e.jpg  photo 8-19-14_zps891e2a0d.jpg The powers that be finally read the magazine and decided that since it was published by them at Marvel, they should have some kind of tie-in. The occasional Howard the Duck strip that could have starred anyone and passing references to Marvel characters just wasn't cutting it so this was one way of bringing Crazy into the Marvel Universe as they're now trying to do with their movies. You'll see them slowly fitting more Marvel content in as we show more examples of the magazine chronologically.  photo 8-19-15_zps3c000f7f.jpg

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