Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cracked Collectors' Edition #66, 4 of 4

Here is the last of excerpts from Cracked Collectors' Edition #66 from May 1986, the theme was “Crime's War on Law”.

Art by John Severin.  photo 8-21-1_zps8b98a918.jpg  photo 8-21-2_zps6b95807a.jpg  photo 8-21-3_zps12568fe4.jpg  photo 8-21-4_zps470f9100.jpg  photo 8-21-5_zps38e867d5.jpg  photo 8-21-6_zps66ee42fc.jpg  photo 8-21-7_zps935036ff.jpg  photo 8-21-8_zps13c96f09.jpg  photo 8-21-9_zpsba17fc79.jpg Vic Martin  photo 8-21-10_zps9a3bfa5d.jpg Next Wednesday: CRACKED Artists' Portfolio

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