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Monday, June 23, 2014

Cracked #2, 1 of 2

Cracked and its various specials and spinoffs often repackaged materials so much and I've posted excerpts on this blog so randomly it's hard to tell what's been shown and what hasn't, but I'll try.

This is all from the second issue dated May 1958.

Most of their early covers, like this one by John Severin, had cavalcade covers, which had several things going on at once, and usually showcased who was famous at the time, probably inspired by Jack Davis' cover for Mad #27. It would take forever to identify everyone featured, so I won't. In addition to Sylvester P. Smythe, who was initially there to fix the cracks throughout the magazine (Cracked. You get it?), the other mascot was supposed to be the Veronica Lake look-a-like in the lower left. She's mentioned in the (fictitious) letters page I'll show next week.
Parody of the Old Grand-Dad whiskey ads drawn by Paul Reinman.
The next page after this was a one-pager called The Breaking Point, byBill Ward which was used in the facsimile of Cracked #1 that I previously posted a couple years ago.

This looks like it was drawn by Russ Heath.
This definitely was.
Drawn by Bill Everett.
Here was the Superman parody by Kurt Schaffenberger I posted here.

Next was this magazine parody from Paul Reinman.
This was a parody of Bridge on the River Kwai I put here years ago.

Then the Shut-Ups by Bill Ward I previously posted here.
Then their parody of American Bandstand. More from this issue next week.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Lunatickle, 4 of 4

The first and I think only issue from September 1956. I published the other three parts the last three Sundays.

Russ Heath
I'm not sure what this is a parody of but it was written by Jean Hubbell and also drawn by Russ Heath

Monday, April 28, 2014

Lunatickle, 2 of 4

More from 1956 of Myron Fass' attempt to figure out the direction Mad was goimg to compete with it.
Self-Improvement was drawn by Arthur Peddy and written by Jack Mendelsohn
The Photo Crime Quiz was drawn by Russ Heath

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Giant Cracked #45, 5 of 5

Here's the last of this issue of Giant Cracked

#45 from October 1986, featuring the magazine's best and first of features.

When I was a kid, it seems every other issue was a Star Wars parody of some kind. They were always doing parodies of that and Happy Days, Jaws, Laverne and Shirley, or a combination of them.

This was their first parody. There's an editorial at the beginning annotating all the articles. It said:

The one film representative of the 1970's was the box office giant STAR WARS. Here's CRACKED's parody from #146, November 1977. It was written by resident satirist JOE CATALANO and drawn by (surprise!) JOHN SEVERIN.  photo 7-24-1_zpsad935f40.jpg  photo 7-24-2_zps18ec4acd.jpg  photo 7-24-3_zps446f194d.jpg  photo 7-24-4_zps60c8b77e.jpg  photo 7-24-5_zpsadb36533.jpg  photo 7-24-6_zps474b75fa.jpg  photo 7-24-7_zps594e759a.jpg They usually had photo captions in every issue and eventually They gave it the title The Cracked Lens for each issue.

I spoke to Randy Epley a few weeks ago about his writing for Crazy. He told me he wrote more for Cracked, including this and many of the Shut-Ups. I told him I hadn't prepared any questions about the latter only because you didn't know who did what since they almost never gave writer credits. This was a big problem when telling friends or relatives of his writing for them.  photo 7-24-8_zpsb3bf24bd.jpg  photo 7-24-9_zpse8ef0fb2.jpg They printed a few of their covers on the inside covers. They said of this:

CRACKED #6 (December 1958) had a cover illustrated by comic great RUSS HEATH. Russ is now designing characters for the G.I. JOE cartoon on TV, but we'd like to see him do more CRACKED articles! At the time, many readers wrote in to object to the cracked eggs on the cover, saying it was too revolting. As a result, the publisher vowed never to show yolk on a cover again! This issue is also notable for artwork drawn by BILL ELDER and AL JAFFEE!  photo 7-24-10_zps360d1cdd.jpg CRACKED #12 (January 1960) sported this cover by JACK DAVIS. Jack graduated to drawing horror and humor comics to doing covers for magazines like TIME and TV GUIDE as well as advertising for major advertising companies. Jack did a few covers for CRACKED and drew several articles. Over the next few issues, the character of SYLVESTER was refined by JOHN SEVERIN into the lovable little janitor we know today.  photo 7-24-11_zpsf68215f3.jpg