Monday, July 20, 2015

POW! #1, 1 of 3

People often ask why I have so many magazines like this. One answer is that it isn't easy considering I refuse to pay more than $5 for anything like this. The real explanation is that it's an accumulation of four decades of hoarding.

This is the first issue of Pow from July 1966, a publication of Bob Sproul's Humor-Vision, Inc., later known as Major Magazines, part of the Cracked family before they decided to repackage companion titles with the Cracked name.

This was the cover by John Severin
I don't know who all the celebrities are, but I'll attempt to identify them. I don't think some are supposed to be anyone in particular.

1)Dr. Kildare, 2)Ben Casey, 3)Elvis Presley?, 4)?, 5)?, 6)Dan Blocker, 7)Larry Storch, 8)?, 9)Tareyton smoker, 10)?, 11)?, 12)?, 13)?, 14)Don Adams, 15)?, 16)Lawrence Welk, 17)Chet Huntley, 18)Paul McCartney, 19)Ringo Starr, 20)Jackie Gleason, 21)Jonathan Winters, 22)David Brinkley, 23)?, 24)Ed Sullivan, 25)?, 26)Robert Vaughn, 27)?, 28)Johnny Carson, 29)?, 30)?, 31)?, 32)Ted Cassidy, 33)David McCallum.
Inside front cover
Vic Martin
Parody of Alfred Hitchcock Presents from Zany in 1958.


  1. I think I know (or can guess) SOME of the other fighters on the front cover...
    4)Red Skelton
    7)looks more like Forrest Tucker than Larry Storch to me (they were both on F Troop at the time)
    8)Frank Fontaine as Crazy Gugenheim from the Jackie Gleason Show
    10)David Janssen from The Fugitive
    11)MAYBE Sally Field as Gidget
    12)Patty Duke
    13)Gene Barry from Burke's Law
    23)James-Bond-era Sean Connery?
    and beyond that I'm lost...

  2. 5 is Ricky Nelson fighting Elvis.

    7 is Forrest Tucker

    11 is Tammy, a 1965 TV series based on the Tammy movies. She is fighting Patty Duke.

    13 is Ben Gazzara of Run For Your Life. He is fighting another man on the run, David Janssen.

    27 is Robert Culp of I Spy.

  3. (Not claiming to be right about any of these, plus my spelling of names is probably way off)

    4 - Red Skelton
    5 - Ricky Nelson
    7 - Forrest Tucker
    10 - David Jansen
    11 - Ben Gazarra
    23 - Sean Connery
    25 - Ernie Kovacs (just a guess though it does look like him to me)
    27 - Robert Culp
    30 - Miss Hathaway (just a guess, really do not think so)

    This was fun, thanks, Leslie

  4. Thanks for many of the catches. I should know better in some cases. Looking again, I think the most of the people in the lower left are just generic people. Ernie Kovacs died in 1961 so I doubt he would be featured.