Thursday, February 26, 2015

King Henry's Favorite Dish

From a 1961 issue of Adam by Bob Tupper.
That same issue drawn by Charles Dennis
Lloyd Baker a/k/a Ah Sin
George Ludway did this and the next one.
From the November 1959 Adam
From the August 1966 Adam
Art Lutner
Lo Linkert

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cracked #126, 1 of 4

This issue of Cracked, #126, is from August 1975 and parodies The Towering Inferno.
The inside front and back cover were almost always a poster with a slogan around this time.
This was the cover story drawn by John Severin.

I wonder if the writers knew what would become of O.J. Simpson twenty years later.
Here's the original art to that story.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Magic Whistle Audio Elucidation 9

Another week, another Magic Whistle Audio Elucidation

As usual, you can listen to it here...

...or right-click it and save it for later.

This is what you're hearing:

THE LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS- Beer Drinking Mama (1939)

FORBIDDEN FIVE- RFD Rangoon (1959)
HOAGY CARMICHAEL- Barnacle Bill the Sailor (1930)
PORKY PIG- I Wanna Woo
   from Porky's Romance, 1937
THE DEL-AIRS- Zombie Stomp
   From Horror of Party Beach, 1964
ANNETTE w/THE BEACH BOYS- The Monkey's Uncle (1965)
EDDIE FISHER- Dungaree Doll (1955)
KYU SAKAMOTO- Sukiyaki (1963)
CLIFFIE STONE & HIS BAR DANCE BAND- Peepin' Thru The Keyhole (Watchin' Jolie Blon)
JIM HENSON- The Countryside (1960)
CRAZY OTTO- The Crazy Otto Medley (1955)
LARRY STORCH- I'm Walkin' (1957)
JOHNNY FORTUNE- Dragster (1963)
PEBBLES & BAMM BAMM- Open Up Your Heart (And Let the Sunshine In)
   Cowboy Church Sunday School song, from The Flintstones, 1965
THE BONNIE SISTERS- Track That Cat (1956)
BOBBIE BLAKE- Gretchen's New Dish
   song poem
TONY SHEPPERD- Zach (1959)
   Alias of Nino Tempo

JIM LOWE- Play Number Theven (1958)
THE OSMONDS- Mr. Sandman (1964)
UNKNOWN- King Of the Radical Right
   from The Big Itch, Volume 8
THE FUNNY BONERS- Clancy's Spittoon
EILEEN BARTON- If I Knew You Were Coming (1950)
NATIONAL LAMPOON- Magical Misery Tour (1972)
   Tony Hendra as John Lennon, Melissa Manchester as Yoko Ono. Taken from actual interviews.
   The outdated term “Oriental” here is not derogatory or clueless, it's seventies.

TRAILER- 24 Hour Lover
   German film also known as Sex Adventures of a Single Man, 1968
THE HOKUM BOYS- Somebody's Been Using That Thing (c. 1930)
TRAILER- Blood Feast (1963)

The previous eight of these and the playlists can all be found clicking this label.