Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Terrytoons, part 4

New Terrytoons, part 4 Here's more stories from this issue of New Terrytoons with characters you may never have heard of.

Here's one of Hector Heathcote
Cartoons of Hashimoto-San are never shown today, but I have no idea if it's because it was an ethnic stereotype or it was like many of the other Terrytoons that were never sold into syndication. Aside from the usual reduction of all Asian cultures into one, the series wasn't any more offensive than Speedy Gonzales, so here's that strip.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

1000 Jokes, give or take a few

These are more of the cartoons that were in this one issue of Dell's 1000 Jokes magazine, sometime in the late 50s or early 60s.

This one is reprinted from Penn State's humor magazine Froth
Al Ross
John Norment
Harry Mace
Paul Peter Porges
Bob Barnes
Eli Stein
Bob Schroeter
A lot of these cartoonists sold gags to nudie magazines, so it's possible they may have sold some of their rejects to other magazines.

Since this cartoon references something mainstream, this probably doesn't count as a “nudie” cartoon, though.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Comical-type art in America

These are more illustrations from Comic Art in America. These first few cartoons are from the chapter A Century of Magazines: From Corny Almanacks to The New Yorker and most here originally appeared in the New Yorker

Frank Modell, 1954
Robert Day, 1947
Alan Dunn, 1954
Whitney Darrow, Jr., 1958
There are captions for all the cartoons now. They say:

The unforgettable Bobby Clark, made even more unforgettable in this caricature by AL HIRSCHFELD This was before he did the “NINA”s he's known for.
One of DON FLOWERS' curvy creations in a moment of fierce intellectual effort. Flowers' general title for this is Modest Maidens. (1949)
A Miss Jones by GREG D' ALESSIO, a versatile cartoonist who here specializes in the thought processes of stenographers.
The irrepressible REAMER KELLER this is from one of his Sunday pages. (1959)
VIRGIL PARTCH ignoring time and space again.
AL ROSS plumbs the mysteries of creation. (Look)
A sample of ED REED's Off the Record. (1955)
Frank O'Neal's FRANK O'NEAL's Short Ribs. O'Neal was a top-ranking panel cartoonist before he created this strip, which is one of the best of the simple, stylized, daily-gag strips.
Life's Like That, a FRED NEHER panel of 1959.
GEORGE CLARKE's panel The Neighbors. Only barely an exaggeration, and the basic problem is every parent's. (1948)
AL FAGALY and HARRY SHORTEN's There Oughta Be a Law. More happy cynicism.
A Side Glance by GAILBRAITH (WILLIAM GAILBRAITH CRAWFORD), who once directed his shafts at the moneyed and their mistresses, but in his newspaper pansl pokes fun at the happy middle classes.
DUDLEY FISHER's Right Around Home. Confusion, if not chaos, is Fisher's specialty. (1945)
They'll Do It Every Time, JIMMY HATLO's popular creation. The stuffed shirt punctured.