Saturday, June 23, 2018

Magic Whistle Radio Hour 182

Things I've collected over the years or acquired on mixtapes and comps or gathered from the internet or the library or my parents' attic. The different sources are the reason for the volume disparity. I make no claims to "discovering" or "owning" anything. Probably neither do you. It's whatever I feel like playing that week. Every Saturday. No repeats. Things that may or may not be familiar. Who knows? The time's next to each song in case you don't like something or it's icky or if you don't want your kids to hear it. Don't let offense at one song cloud your impression of the curation as a whole Past weeks here too. Just type "Audio" in the search engine. Or if you're too lazy to press a button more than once, here's everything up to January 2018. You don't get the all playlists, though. You can right-click this if you want to save a zip file of this one (containing an mp3 of the file) for later. Here what information I was able to find:

   from the LP The Beau Hunks Play Little Rascals Music

1:20 BOB & EARL- Gee Whiz (1958)
3:31 ALLAN SHERMAN- Let's Call Up AT&T and Protest to the President March
   from LP My Son, the Celebrity, 1963

5:59 MAMIE VAN DOREN- Go Go Calypso
   from Untamed Youth, 1957
8:30 ART CARNEY- Where Did the Chicken Lay the Egg
10:40 HAL BLOCK- I'm the Guy (1954)
12:47 AL TRACE & HIS SILLY SYMPHONISTS- Barnyard of Animals (1948)
15:49 RONNIE & LYNDA- He's a Good Boy (1965)
18:49 BIG JOHN GREER & HIS RHYTHM ROCKERS- I'm the Fat Man (1952)
21:13 THE DRIFTERS- Honey Love (1956)
23:34 BOBBY PLEASE & THE PLEASERS- The Monster (1959)
   “Rocker tells of a cat who created a monster, whom he thought was later destroyed, but he encounters the cat later on. Flip appears on the money item.”
25:26 BUDDY KNOX- I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself (1959)
27:32 BUZZ CLIFFORD- I'll Never Forget (1962)
30:06 PINKY LEE & THE MELLOMEN- Inkas the Ramfinkeras
40:17 SECRET SQUIRREL- James Bomb
   from LP James Bomb (1965)

41:23 CLIFF EDWARDS- I'm Gonna Give It to Mary with Love (1936)
44:19 LI'L MARKIE- Jesus Put the Stars In the Sky
46:30 JEANETTE & DECKY- Crazy With You (1958)
49:01 JOE TEX & HIS X-CLASSMATES- Charlie Brown Got Expelled (1959)
51:17 HARVEY LEEDS- Deck of Cards (1959)
54:58 DICK FLOOD- Just Another Hobo
57:54 DORIS DAY- Pillow Talk
   from Pillow Talk (1959)

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cartoon themes: boxing and wrestling

Hello Buddies, Winter 1950
Man, April 1966
Man to Man, December 1949
Bill Wenzel
Monsieur, May 1964
Bill Lee
Penthouse, October 1978
Playboy, October 1980
Sir!, May 1953
Playboy, February 1954
Playboy, September 1956
Adam, July 1973
Army/Navy Fun Parade, April 1953
Dorothy McKay
Esquire, January 1934
For Laughing Out Loud, March 1960