Monday, October 30, 2017

The Little World of Harvey Kurtzman

Here's an article from the December 1957 Playboy. I guess publisher Hugh Hefner felt bad about giving Harvey Kurtzman carte blanche to do the magazine of his dreams only to pull the rug out from him after two issues. The article tells a bit about him and his group of creators.

The painting by Bill Elder on this first page was intended for a never-published third issue of Trump.
I almost never post text-only pieces but I'll make an exception here since it's a profile of Kurtzman. It's taken from a computer file so I can't rescan it. Hopefully you're able to read the print.
Wallace Wood
Arnold Roth and Ed Fisher in Trump
Next two pages, also in Trump, by Jack Davis
To round things out, here's a one-pager by Howard Schneider.
And a double page spread of an old joke illustrated by Al Stine

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