Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ballyhoo March 1936, 2 of 3

More cartoons from the March 1936 Ballyhoo continued from last week. I mentioned before there were other humor magazines before Mad and got an e-mail from Michael Ward linking to his site showing even more examples.

C. W. Anderson  photo 8-22-1_zps1a9d6d60.jpg Jack Markow  photo 8-22-2_zpsc904422d.jpg  photo 8-22-3_zps4017b77b.jpg  photo 8-22-4_zps8f023c33.jpg  photo 8-22-5_zps9b7dc5a1.jpg  photo 8-22-6_zpse398f38e.jpg  photo 8-22-7_zps64698be4.jpg  photo 8-22-8_zps8e1f3311.jpg  photo 8-22-9_zpse8faf5c2.jpg  photo 8-22-10_zpsafdaecb3.jpg  photo 8-22-11_zpsbde4d4a9.jpg  photo 8-22-12_zps6cebbe74.jpg Chester Garde  photo 8-22-13_zpscc79b45f.jpg  photo 8-22-14_zpsd0bf1c92.jpg  photo 8-22-15_zps49bb395f.jpg  photo 8-22-16_zpsdbf7030d.jpg

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