Saturday, August 24, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Volume 4, part 6

Continuing from last week, here's even more from the book Great Cartoons of the World, Volume 4 from 1970, edited by John Bailey.

This was a Peanuts strip from the time. I have no idea why the panel borders were removed from this. And please don't spell “Schulz” with a T, that really bothers me. As do spellings of Winsor McCay with a K and Jules Feiffer with a P. If I were the administrator of a school with any kind of cartooning program, I would expel anyone who did that.

The editor writes about this strip in the foreword and, unlike you, spells Schulz correctly:

Schulz's shrewd comment on the little girl who professes to be fearful lest she hit a fish on the head is addressed to all little girl- and little boy-malcontents, as well as to some of our friends who are considerably older,who will find excuses for not having fun no matter what you provide for them.  photo 8-24-1_zps757fc168.jpg Bruce Petty for The New Yorker  photo 8-24-2_zpsabcaed38.jpg Edward Koren's New Yorker cartoon is also mentioned:

Koren uses a tradition that goes as far back as offices and desks,and with a small photograph neatly shows us that society is topsy-turvy, that things are not what they seem to be, and that you can't really depend on anything.  photo 8-24-3_zpsb9ed08ff.jpg These two are from Jules Stauber  photo 8-24-4_zps68457b31.jpg Sorry I couldn't get this any darker. Looks like Dirty Danny.  photo 8-24-5_zps57822002.jpg Two-pager by Mischa Richter, also for The New Yorker  photo 8-24-6_zps599c850b.jpg  photo 8-24-7_zps153207ec.jpg John Glashan  photo 8-24-8_zpsc93d9728.jpg Jules Stauber  photo 8-24-9_zps682d2b2a.jpg The commentary on this New Yorker cartoon byWilliam Steig says:

His incident in the Battle of the Sexes, showing the revenge of a battle-ax for a marriage that she does not consider to be satisfactory—using food as artillery, in this case—and the pained reaction of her husband, who has been fobbed off with a hot dog for his evening meal because he has never come through with the big income.  photo 8-24-10_zpsb5432a52.jpg Jean-Jacques Sempé in Editions Denoël is also over-analyzed by the editor saying:

Sempé's lawyer, happy one minute and depressed the next, explains clearly that our experience of happiness is merely relative, and that some people are kings to us, just as we are kings to other people

I don't know how he knows this guy's a lawyer.  photo 8-24-11_zps1c0fc76d.jpg  photo 8-24-12_zpsfde583bd.jpg John Glashan  photo 8-24-13_zpsa1ad01e2.jpg

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