Monday, August 26, 2013

Crazy #62

This is Crazy from 1980.  photo 8-26-1_zpsb9a3fd32.jpg  photo 8-26-2_zps6d8301a3.jpg Parody of Quincy.

I've said before I think most of this was written by editor Paul Laikin under various pseudonyms. Here's a byline that make me think so. The writer is “Rico Tallar”, a reversal of the syllables of frequent Crazy artist Tony Tallarico  photo 8-26-3_zpsbaf81b0b.jpg  photo 8-26-4_zps4eae1556.jpg  photo 8-26-5_zps0674c52e.jpg  photo 8-26-6_zps5d308896.jpg  photo 8-26-7_zpse96a8a42.jpg  photo 8-26-8_zps00c02cac.jpg  photo 8-26-9_zps60c1a970.jpg  photo 8-26-10_zps74ec8af2.jpg  photo 8-26-11_zps063db361.jpg  photo 8-26-12_zps65f12a9a.jpg  photo 8-26-13_zps02d9b608.jpg  photo 8-26-14_zpsb00e7c0f.jpg This was the last issue before Crazy's big facelift and return to the Marvel Universe. Mike Weiss, who wrote about his days with them a few weeks ago, sent me this letter about it he got after he sent his final submission (see above).  photo 8-26-15_zpsff816d03.jpg

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