Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cracked Artists' Portfolio, part 1

In the late eighties and early nineties, Crackedbecame more specialized about what they were reprinting in their collections and using a larger inventory of past material. Here's an issue of Cracked Collectors' Edition from 1989 showcasing their top artists and the theme of art when they could find it.  photo 8-28-1_zps5a9e7a88.jpg These were the inside covers  photo 8-28-2_zps50c059c5.jpg First up in their showcased artists was John Severin  photo 8-28-3_zps8ba9942b.jpg  photo 8-28-4_zps749f8322.jpg  photo 8-28-5_zps7d8a0b4b.jpg  photo 8-28-6_zps6949631e.jpg Apparently they were unaware of a little thing called West Side Story  photo 8-28-7_zpsf41c62b5.jpg  photo 8-28-8_zps5f8a7c37.jpg  photo 8-28-9_zpse837069e.jpg  photo 8-28-10_zps58a8ca19.jpg  photo 8-28-11_zps733fc72e.jpg  photo 8-28-12_zps6b072c59.jpg  photo 8-28-13_zps6e29cf65.jpg  photo 8-28-14_zps55e4aaac.jpg They also reprinted the Don Martin-inspired (or ripoff, depending on how you look at it) “At the Art Gallery” which I already posted here.

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