Saturday, August 10, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Volume 4, part 4

Here's more pages that were in Great Cartoons of the World, Volume IV continued from last Saturday.

Hans-Georg Rauch  photo 8-10-1_zpsb2084553.jpg Terrence “Larry” Parkes for Punch  photo 8-10-2_zps4e5db752.jpg Chon Day  photo 8-10-3_zps01e3046d.jpg Ton Smits  photo 8-10-4_zpsc95cd427.jpg Many of these cartoons are written about in the introduction to the book by John Bailey, like this cartoon Charles Addams did for The New Yorker:

Addams's marvelous insight into modern business is shown through the medium of a slave ship, and we are startled to realize that the slave-master actually has children, and cries when his mother dies.  photo 8-10-5_zps528b09f4.jpg Guillermo Mordillo  photo 8-10-6_zps512ec1c1.jpg Donald Reilly in the New Yorker  photo 8-10-7_zps68cb640f.jpg Mel Calman  photo 8-10-8_zpsc17607fb.jpg Ton Smits  photo 8-10-9_zps59e25b2e.jpg John Glashan. Again per the introduction: Glashan, with his character who has learned to detest his companion's sensitive face, tells us a great truth that I haven't seen mentioned before—that we can learn to detest anything: that great beauty, art, brains, or any of the admirable traits of humanity can become a large-size pain in the neck if they are accompanied by other characteristics that annoy us.  photo 8-10-10_zpsa771260f.jpg Yet another New Yorker cartoon fromWhitney Darrow, Jr.

Darrow's drawing of a formerly fine neighborhood, complete with doormen, but now completely run down, makes one think. For underneath the humor is the bold statement, “We are in bad trouble”.

Doesn't look “formerly fine” to me, maybe to them. This was drawn in 1959 when Bohemia wasn't really in the mainstream.  photo 8-10-11_zps961000d5.jpg [J. M.] Bosc trenchantly tells us that people do not see things as they really are, but believe what they want to believe. He gives us a husband in love with an image, who does not see his wife become old.True love never notices the wrinkles.  photo 8-10-12_zps65b9a692.jpg  photo 8-10-13_zpsd52703f6.jpg Next week: More

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