Monday, August 12, 2013


I really don't have much to say about Crazy this week except that it's from December 1979  photo 8-12-1_zpse7ca965c.jpg  photo 8-12-2_zpsd3dad274.jpg Parody of Taxi  photo 8-12-3_zps1eafaa7d.jpg  photo 8-12-4_zpsc8c66572.jpg  photo 8-12-5_zpsa221d91f.jpg  photo 8-12-6_zps854f7734.jpg  photo 8-12-7_zpsfcbd2d1c.jpg  photo 8-12-8_zps70c2f743.jpg  photo 8-12-9_zps1e1b3fb0.jpg  photo 8-12-10_zps4cc489fe.jpg  photo 8-12-11_zps636d5168.jpg  photo 8-12-12_zpse301e119.jpg  photo 8-12-13_zps2e438d8d.jpg  photo 8-12-14_zps2353926c.jpg Parody of the 1979 version of Dracula  photo 8-12-15_zpsfd76a036.jpg

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