Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cracked Collectors' Edition #66, 3 of 4

This was published 1986, featuring the best of Cracked's crime pieces.

This comic by John Severin parodies the 1975 version of Capone  photo 8-14-1_zpsd104ddcc.jpg  photo 8-14-2_zps64d75cba.jpg  photo 8-14-3_zps8fde3020.jpg  photo 8-14-4_zpsa22129fb.jpg  photo 8-14-5_zpse2cae383.jpg  photo 8-14-6_zps6088ae49.jpg According to this piece, we shouldn't have due process or Miranda rights, but I doubt the average Cracked reader would be concerned. Drawn by Jerry Grandenetti  photo 8-14-7_zpsf22981e8.jpg Also by Severin  photo 8-14-8_zps19e437a8.jpg  photo 8-14-9_zpsba92309d.jpg  photo 8-14-10_zps9e3de2b2.jpg

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