Thursday, August 8, 2013

cartoons from an issue of TRUE

These are all the cartoons that were in a random issue of True sometime in the fifties.

I'm including the ads from this issue, too.

In addition to how there not only were there once more cartoonists and illustrations in advertising, sometimes they wouldn't have to feature the product at all, like in this ad for Nash Motors.  photo 8-8-1-true188_zpsaed828b4.jpg Virgil Partch was probably their most famous cartoonist. In addition to their one-panel cartoons he did illustration for them. Years later when I worked at Nickelodeon magazine, they sometimes reprinted his cartoons but often had trouble dealing with his heirs, who didn't care about him.  photo 8-8-2_zps14dba091.jpg  photo 8-8-3_zpsf77d50f1.jpg  photo 8-8-4_zpsd703c743.jpg  photo 8-8-5_zpsa8b78305.jpg They even had him do some of the ads that were done in-house.  photo 8-8-6_zps3e9098fd.jpg Before Raleigh cigarettes were part of a larger conglomerate, they had all sorts of tobacco accessories.  photo 8-8-7_zps7b76ca80.jpg Robert Day  photo 8-8-8_zpscf8c394c.jpg I believe this is Perry Barlow  photo 8-8-9_zpse18f41d2.jpg Irwin Caplan  photo 8-8-10_zpsad9feb2d.jpg  photo 8-8-11_zpsaf006f20.jpg Recurring feature by Hank Ketcham  photo 8-8-12_zps96f0a4d8.jpg Chon Day  photo 8-8-13_zpsc8e141aa.jpg

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