Saturday, August 31, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Volume 4, part 7

Continuing, as I've been doing every week, parts of the 1970 collection Great Cartoons of the World, Volume 4.

John Glashan  photo 8-31-1_zps14382e49.jpg Henry Syverson for Saturday Evening Post  photo 8-31-2_zpscb6c5530.jpg Guillermo Mordillo  photo 8-31-3_zpsff56383b.jpg Boris Druckerfor Look  photo 8-31-4_zps7e56c038.jpg George Price for The New Yorker.

 photo 8-31-5_zps29e4a601.jpg Jules Stauber  photo 8-31-6_zpsc519c87d.jpg Terrence “Larry” Parkes for Punch.

There used to be so many more magazines that had cartoons.  photo 8-31-7_zps06047418.jpg The next two are by Michael Ffolkes  photo 8-31-8_zps2ab4b5a1.jpg  photo 8-31-9_zps46a6978a.jpg Vahan Shirvanian  photo 8-31-10_zpsf3d5a642.jpg Boris Drucker for Saturday Evening Post  photo 8-31-11_zpsf46c66e1.jpg Jules Stauber  photo 8-31-12_zpsdc41085e.jpg William O'Brian in The New Yorker  photo 8-31-13_zps1d243ed1.jpg

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