Monday, September 2, 2013


Someone at Marvel Comics finally read an issue of Crazy and realized their editor Paul Laikin wasn't tying the magazine in with the rest of the Marvel Universe so they fired everyone and hired staff editor Larry Hama as its editor and hired Marvel artists illustrate articles and give it more of a “Mike Mine Marvel” feel.

This issue is from June 1980.

I have most of these later issues of Crazy but won't be showing highlights from all of them because most of them and still alive and working, and mainly because I've worked with some of them and probably will in the future.  photo 9-2-1_zpsb4746c33.jpg  photo 9-2-2_zps0baa9dee.jpg Parody of the movie Apocalypse Now  photo 9-2-3_zpsf6525460.jpg Proposals from Mad artist Tom Hachtman.  photo 9-2-4_zps1070a0a4.jpg One of their recurring features was a parody of current song lyrics in the guise of a Midnight Special spoof.  photo 9-2-5_zps0ec1da62.jpg  photo 9-2-6_zps8cba63f7.jpg From Wimmen's Comix contributor Joey Epstein. (not the Boy Meets World character.)  photo 9-2-7_zps659af06a.jpg Every issue had a “Crazy Looks At...” article in their centerfold illustrated by Ned Sonntag.  photo 9-2-8_zps2d6b9017.jpg There was a Don Martin-type feature throughout each issue, this time by “Kovacs” who I'm pretty sure was Mad artist Dave Manak moonlighting.  photo 9-2-9_zps4a42c300.jpg A recurring character probably to trademark the name just as they did with She-Hulk.  photo 9-2-10_zpsaf9ba581.jpg Fantasy vs. Reality was also a regular feature of theirs.  photo 9-2-11_zps63f246a7.jpg They had Howard the Duck strips before but they were one-page gag strips that could have featured anyone.  photo 9-2-12_zps92e41104.jpg The evil clown trope is a clichĂ© now but was a new idea at the time. I wonder if the Juggalos got the idea of their look from this.  photo 9-2-13_zps519b7a6c.jpg They kept some of their old artists. This Benson parody was by past contributors Murad Gumen and Kent Gamble.  photo 9-2-14_zpsf9bf9a75.jpg Micronauts ad parody by Marvel and one-time Micronauts artist Michael Golden.  photo 9-2-15_zps0309e02b.jpg

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