Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cracked Collectors' Edition #79, part 2

Last week I showed the first few pages of this issue of CrackedCollectors' Edition from 1989 showcasing art articles by their top artists.

More pieces by John Severin  photo 9-4-1_zps9edebf32.jpg  photo 9-4-2_zps33b6a999.jpg  photo 9-4-3_zps0e1fa1e3.jpg  photo 9-4-4_zps1bb68e2e.jpg I think there's an in-joke here. There was an Oswaldo Laino who contributed to many of the early issues.  photo 9-4-5_zps954dc732.jpg  photo 9-4-6_zpsa5645a73.jpg  photo 9-4-7_zpse6521a5e.jpg  photo 9-4-8_zpscb78953f.jpg The next few pages are the best of artist Don Orehek  photo 9-4-9_zpsb8ee0420.jpg  photo 9-4-10_zps6d765382.jpg  photo 9-4-11_zps721bc6f8.jpg  photo 9-4-12_zpsab286d30.jpg  photo 9-4-13_zps2539460c.jpg

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