Thursday, September 5, 2013

National Screw, part 2

In the porn world, it was said that Hustler was a slick rip-off of what Screw was doing with its mixture of pornography with satire. Fighting fire with fire, Screw for a while published a national, slick color version of what was essentially a local newspaper. These selections are from 1975 or 1976. I previously published some highlights here and here.

Every issue had a variation of this gag cartoon with a different caption.  photo 9-5-1_zpse2ae3bc6.jpg They used Wally Wood and many of his assistants. This was by Paul Kirchner.  photo 9-5-2_zps6dcbf89b.jpg Screw publisher Al Goldstein was good friends with Mad's William Gaines, often appearing in each others' magazines.  photo 9-5-3_zps1b9adad2.jpg  photo 9-5-4_zps548dc535.jpg  photo 9-5-5_zpsdf225db2.jpg  photo 9-5-6_zps47bef02c.jpg  photo 9-5-7_zpscf1ac00b.jpg I have no idea who did this spoof of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman but it looks like the work of Tom Hachtman (apologies if I'm wrong).  photo 9-5-8_zps7c49dc00.jpg  photo 9-5-9_zps5af7a17f.jpg A. L. Sirois' parody of Vaughn Bode's Deadbone Erotica.  photo 9-5-10_zps5a5c9117.jpg  photo 9-5-11_zpsacd25ee3.jpg  photo 9-5-12_zps36911421.jpg Another strip probably by Paul Kirchner.  photo 9-5-13_zps666960b7.jpg  photo 9-5-14_zps0f8f810c.jpg

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