Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dirty Wally Wood

This is why I now have the “adults only” disclaimer on my blog. I don't know how this would be kept from minors, unless they all use the honor system. Better to play it safe though. I also use the default storage site when I post something dirty, and because I blow it up to have everything 400 px the home page, it's all blurry there. Not if you click on it though.

In Wallace Wood's final days, he did a lot of work for porn, He did some covers for New York sex newspaper Screw and even had his own series, Gang Bang. These strips are from various issues of National Screw in 1977. I believe I'm missing one, but it's not as if you need it to understand what's going on. If anyone has scans of it, I'll post that as well.

The final issue of Gang Bang, published posthumously, had some of these strips in black and white but cut up to make panels different sizes. Update: I'm no lawyer but won't challenge what I just got. It's clear enough I do things reverently and not for profit. Is it real? Who knows? It would have to be contested in court to determine who's right. Contemporary Mike Lynch, who also posts old cartoons (see sidebar), thinks posting them is similar to putting cartoons up on the fridge. Better to avoid confusion by pasting the cease and desist order in its entirety. You'd think I might be scared or upset, but I'm flattered to be on their radar.

your posting at is electronic publication of The Wallace Wood Estate's copyrighted work "Malice In Wonderland" which includes the Wood trademarks: Malice In Wonderland, and, Snorky.
This usage is unauthorized by The Wood Estate and if far more than is allowable by "fair use."
Fair Use must be:
A) Transformitive -- your use presents the entire story of a comics story therefore it is not transformative.
B) Scholarly -- your minor introductory comment is only enough for a caption. A caption is not enough to meet the standards of scholarship. We are agreeable to allow one page of each of the three chapters to be posted (a total of 3 Malice pages by Wood) if, you post the notice:
Malice In Wonderland, Snorky, and related characters are copyright and trademark The Wallace Wood Estate. All Rights Reserved. And, link to the official Wallace Wood website,

Respectfully yours,
The Wallace Wood Estate

Here also is a similar piece by Al Sirois from one of those issues as well.


  1. Al was Woody's major assistant in the mid-seventies and helped out on the ALICE series as well as the artist's JSA work at DC and the WEIRD SEX FANTASIES PORTFOLIO. He's gone on to become a sci-fi writer.

  2. Oh, in the interests of accuracy, the first 2 chapters you have above are from late 1976, not '77. You're missing Chapter 3...same chapter I'm missing. :(