Wednesday, July 10, 2013

GIANT CRACKED #45, part 4

More selections from this “best of” selection of what was the best from or about Cracked compiled in October 1986. The previous three parts can be found here, here, and here.

Preceding the articles is a one-page editorial entitled The Story Behind the Stories, As it says about this:

FIRST DOLLAR was drawn by comics great "BERNARD BAILY. BAILY created characters like the SPECTRE and HOURMAN for DC Comics in the 1940's and later had an art shop that produced comics for companies. He worked on a lot of early CRACKEDs in the 50's and again in the 1970's, like this piece from #107, March 1973.  photo 7-10-1_zps233a211c.jpg These are from the first Two HANG-UPS printed in #114, January 74 and #115, March 74, by JOHN SEVERIN. JOHN still contributes some HANG-UPs to CRACKED and his daughter was drawing them for a while too.  photo 7-10-2_zps6e891567.jpg  photo 7-10-3_zps52556dbb.jpg  photo 7-10-4_zpseb6bd97a.jpg  photo 7-10-5_zpsccfffc6a.jpg The introduction to this article is bleached out on my copy. As I pointed out before, some pages have ink stains or are otherwise not printed clearly enough. The editorial continues...

NANNY DICKERING first appeared in issue #99 of CRACKED. Many artists drew the strip, but it wasn't until this story (from #117, July 1974) that the artist Most identified with the CRACKED INTERVIEWS, the outrageous BILL WARD, began illustrating NANNY.  photo 7-10-6_zpsae824b00.jpg  photo 7-10-7_zps9cf0d98a.jpg  photo 7-10-8_zps23d43a59.jpg  photo 7-10-9_zpsf88f2abe.jpg  photo 7-10-10_zps91344538.jpg Artist HOWARD NOSTRAND, Whose style was inspired by WALLY WOOD, JACK DAVIS, and WILL EISNER, drew a whole slew of work for CRACKED, including some neat color pieces for the GREAT MOMENTS IN HISTORY series. This example is from #142, July 1977.  photo 7-10-11_zpsdb276293.jpg  photo 7-10-12_zpsc6a8f3c9.jpg A regular contributor since CRACKED #1, "DON OREHEK took over the SHUT-UPS with issue #145. DON has been doing them almost non-stop since that October 1977 release and has earned the dubious title KING of the SHUT-UPS!  photo 7-10-13_zpsd352d77e.jpg The last of this issue next week.

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