Wednesday, June 26, 2013

GIANT CRACKED 45, part 2

Here's more of the Giant History of Cracked, which was actually Giant Cracked #45, a best-of annual from October 1986.

Art, unless otherwise labeled, by John Severin  photo 6-26-1_zps41210ae2.jpg  photo 6-26-2_zpsc2814e81.jpg  photo 6-26-3_zps7645f7cb.jpg  photo 6-26-4_zps67146cc8.jpg I posted this story written by Jackie Gleason on the blog before, here it is in it's entirety.  photo 6-26-5_zps1ee10bcd.jpg  photo 6-26-6_zps4e50b511.jpg  photo 6-26-7_zps48a81acf.jpg  photo 6-26-8_zpsacbf0709.jpg As written in the editorial at the beginning:

”Even though BILL WARD drew the first SHUT UPS feature, many artists lent their creative hand to the strip over the years. In CRACKED #46, September 1965, CHARLES RODRIGUES did his first SHUT UP page and this is it. He did the the SHUT UPS for the rest of the 60's and most of the 70's.”  photo 6-26-9_zpsa0bfefbb.jpg “THE FLIPSIDES was a pilot for a TV show by KRANTZ FILMS, who also animated SPIDER-MAN in the 60's. It was scripted by GEORGE GLADIR and drawn by JOHN SEVERIN in another one of his unique art styles. SEV threw in many cameos by comic strip stars. It showed up in #52, June 1966.”

The splattered ink was in my copy of the magazine.  photo 6-26-10_zpsc8a4bb1c.jpg  photo 6-26-11_zps5056e324.jpg  photo 6-26-12_zps97b546a0.jpg  photo 6-26-13_zps2005c365.jpg

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