Monday, June 24, 2013


This one's from February 1979.

Cover by Bob Larkin.  photo 6-24-1_zps48a98eb8.jpg Art by Murad Gumen  photo 6-24-2_zps45304df3.jpg Parody of Foul Play. Art by Kent Gamble.  photo 6-24-3_zps2d563ec4.jpg Tony Tallarico  photo 6-24-4_zps9a867b8a.jpg Kevin Sacco  photo 6-24-5_zps8b0357a9.jpg Alan Kupperberg  photo 6-24-6_zps267552a1.jpg  photo 6-24-7_zpsefb295d4.jpg Walter Brogan  photo 6-24-8_zps8e1ac1ad.jpg  photo 6-24-9_zps7d86c52f.jpg From How Supermarkets Drive Customers Crazy, illustrated by Ron Zalme  photo 6-24-10_zps9dcaf82b.jpg  photo 6-24-12_zps5ac38257.jpg  photo 6-24-13_zps5e308ee8.jpg Spoof of this ad  photo 6-24-14_zps28c94d7a.jpg

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