Saturday, June 22, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Series 9, part 7

I'm starting to wear out the binding from my copy of Great Cartoons of the World, Series 9 from 1975 so I hope you enjoy these cartoons.

This one is by Boris Drucker.  photo 6-22-1_zps7429196b.jpg Adolf Born for Dikobraz  photo 6-22-2_zps02fef57d.jpg Whitney Darrow, Jr.  photo 6-22-3_zps0cc2beb6.jpg Mischa Richter for The New Yorker  photo 6-22-4_zps88380fbf.jpg Stanislav Holý  photo 6-22-5_zpsf82bd5f5.jpg Jerszy Flisak for Szpilki  photo 6-22-6_zps2bc0ad50.jpg Barney Tobey  photo 6-22-7_zps5ebbcd43.jpg George Booth, again for The New Yorker  photo 6-22-8_zpsd4a0f4e9.jpg Mike Williams in Punch  photo 6-22-9_zps76978737.jpg James Stevenson in New Yorker again  photo 6-22-10_zps7822e00e.jpg Four-pager by John Glashan  photo 6-22-11_zps96914b9c.jpg  photo 6-22-12_zps9aaa5889.jpg  photo 6-22-13_zps5f114c6e.jpg  photo 6-22-14_zps79c8ebb3.jpg

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