Thursday, June 20, 2013

For Men Only, 1 of 2

I'm not sure why this magazine was called that, since it seems more like a general interest magazine. Maybe it was to compete with Esquire. It had the same kind of mix of humor, fiction, and cartoons. This issue is from around 1941.  photo 6-20-1_zps1035d864.jpg Gerald Green  photo 6-20-2_zpsca18baff.jpg Ted Key  photo 6-20-3_zpsfcdddcef.jpg James Trembath  photo 6-20-4_zps374cbea7.jpg Al Ross  photo 6-20-5_zpsa1013675.jpg  photo 6-20-6_zps3da8e2b0.jpg Ned Hilton  photo 6-20-7_zps12a0e494.jpg Lawrence Lariar  photo 6-20-8_zpsb742e929.jpg Gregory D'Alessio  photo 6-20-9_zpsfe621c46.jpg Adolph Schus  photo 6-20-10_zps8fbb59da.jpg  photo 6-20-11_zps71ed010e.jpg Eric Godal  photo 6-20-12_zps2bbbaa74.jpg
The rest of the cartoons from this magazine next Thursday.

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