Thursday, June 27, 2013

For Men Only, 2 of 2

Here are the rest of those cartoons from For Men Only, circa 1941

John Ruge Gerald Green  photo 6-27-2_zpsc11e2508.jpg William von Riegen  photo 6-27-3_zps27c7740f.jpg Louis Priscilla  photo 6-27-4_zps8493d768.jpg  photo 6-27-6_zps0c129b4f.jpg Al Ross  photo 6-27-7_zps0cf5767d.jpg I wonder if the man in this John Ruge cartoon is the same guy as the one in the first cartoon.  photo 6-27-8_zps9a01cbf7.jpg Gregor Duncan  photo 6-27-9_zps996d7703.jpg These next three by Eric Godal  photo 6-27-10_zpsec2cdff2.jpg  photo 6-27-11_zps9f55f29d.jpg  photo 6-27-12_zps410675f7.jpg James Trembath  photo 6-27-13_zps29216ea6.jpg

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