Saturday, June 29, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Series 9, part 8

More from Great Cartoons of the World, Series 9 from 1975.

Two by Jules Stauber  photo 6-29-1_zpsd1a8acde.jpg  photo 6-29-2_zps1c2c73ee.jpg Charles Edward Martin  photo 6-29-3_zps61aa1d77.jpg Jerszy Flisak for Szpliki  photo 6-29-4_zps09467738.jpg Jules Stauber  photo 6-29-5_zps7bf89fae.jpg Michael Ffolkes  photo 6-29-6_zps232d3b10.jpg Two-pager by Terrence “Larry” Parkes for Punch  photo 6-29-7_zpsbdddfc78.jpg  photo 6-29-8_zpsd0554b9d.jpg Three-pager by Jean-Jacques Sempé for Denoël  photo 6-29-9_zps862d8cc8.jpg  photo 6-29-10_zpsae0d9870.jpg  photo 6-29-11_zps04027366.jpg Adolf Born in Dikobraz  photo 6-29-12_zps40342f93.jpg Ton Smits  photo 6-29-13_zps73671ce7.jpg Frank Modell in The New Yorker  photo 6-29-14_zps6bb8daf6.jpg

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