Monday, July 1, 2013


Here's Crazy's usual attempt at what the next big hit movie would be in advance so that the movie would be out in time for their cover and the movie to come out simultaneously. Although the cover by Bob Larkin parodies The Wiz in this issue from March 1979, there's nothing about the movie inside.  photo 7-1-1_zpsb23b3ed7.jpg Parody of the Dewar's Scotch magazine ads.  photo 7-1-2_zps45654862.jpg Parody of the original Battlestar Galactica by Murad Gumen  photo 7-1-3_zpsa0fcabad.jpg  photo 7-1-4_zps1e2d2d1f.jpg  photo 7-1-5_zps9c9c3545.jpg Tony Tallarico  photo 7-1-6_zps23884f33.jpg Rich Man, Poor Man was a popular TV movie, so it only makes sense the title would be exploited for this article drawn by David Wenzel  photo 7-1-7_zpsda3547b2.jpg Randy Epley, now a stand-up comic, wrote a few articles for Crazy, though he says “I wrote mostly for Cracked. I came to New York from Ohio during The Summer of Sam, so that shows how old I am. I started doing stand-up and got a job writing at Cracked doing photo-captions like I was doing through this guy Joe Catalano. For a lot of my Crazy articles, I would do a few drawings to show what I wanted as well.”

One such thing was this parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas drawn by Ron Zalme.  photo 7-1-8_zpsf0359e5a.jpg  photo 7-1-9_zps7ebaac06.jpg  photo 7-1-10_zps1245faa0.jpg  photo 7-1-11_zpsbd6a9f7f.jpg  photo 7-1-12_zps0aae22a8.jpg  photo 7-1-13_zpsbb442179.jpg  photo 7-1-14_zps7c5040ac.jpg Parody of ""The Love Boat illustrated by Kent Gamble.  photo 7-1-15_zps5c8dfcef.jpg Similar to a very ominous New Yorker cover years ago.  photo 7-1-16_zpsd69490d2.jpg

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  1. Okay, confession time. I went to high school with Murad Gumen and he thought it would be hilarious to write (and draw) me into the Battlestar Galactica parody in this issue. Check it out, they meet a comic book collecting nerd named Jerry - and it sort-of looks like the 1979 version of me. I hope this clears up any mystery surrounding this odd cameo appearance.