Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Giant Cracked #46, part 3

Here's the third part of Giant Cracked, a collection of “classic” articles about the history of the magazine from October of 1986...

This is what was said of this by the editors in the front of the magazine:

”The very first appearance of SAGEBRUSH, the wild western strip created by JOHN SEVERIN from #78, August 1969.  photo 7-3-1_zps3c6684b8.jpg When America landed on the moon in July 1969, everyone had moon madness. From #81, November 1969”  photo 7-3-2_zps8381f24e.jpg  photo 7-3-3_zps6b2f3bbd.jpg  photo 7-3-4_zpsc5773ebf.jpg Lots of to-do in the 1960's about fashion designer Rudi Gernreich.  photo 7-3-5_zpsd564df13.jpg ”HUDD & DINI first appeared in CRACKED #76. They were created by VIC MARTIN and included here is an early appearance from #82, January 1970.  photo 7-3-6_zps82b0ef4a.jpg “HAWK looks like the touchy subject of comic book heroes and their avoidance of the Vietnam issue of the 70's. From #105, November 1972.”

There already was a feature like that by Al Jaffee in Mad and a series by Steve Ditko for DC Comics.  photo 7-3-7_zps567d62ca.jpg  photo 7-3-8_zpscd967a99.jpg  photo 7-3-9_zpsf0b734c6.jpg The ink splatter is from my copy. You should be able to read it.  photo 7-3-11_zpsf88397d6.jpg  photo 7-3-12_zps619bf71c.jpg  photo 7-3-13_zps93e96403.jpg  photo 7-3-14_zps8d34b95e.jpg  photo 7-3-15_zps46c21567.jpg

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