Thursday, July 4, 2013

Australian Adam, 1 of 2

Here's the first part of the cartoons from an Australian magazine called Adam from December 1963. I have no idea if it has anything to do with the Adam published here, though the cartoons are by Americans. I don't know if they're reprints from magazines here.  photo 7-4-1-1263-38-1_zps47ffb671.jpg Bill Wenzel  photo 7-4-2_zpsc62f927a.jpg  photo 7-4-3_zps94d90f45.jpg Monroe Leung  photo 7-4-4_zps1936606c.jpg  photo 7-4-5_zps4b7049d3.jpg  photo 7-4-6_zps42b29636.jpg  photo 7-4-7_zps9bc806fc.jpg Bob Tupper  photo 7-4-8_zps9fef78a0.jpg  photo 7-4-9_zpsde47f89a.jpg  photo 7-4-10_zpsb78f301b.jpg  photo 7-4-11_zpsc8c03859.jpg  photo 7-4-12_zps50a1cb17.jpg Sylvia Getsler  photo 7-4-13_zps630a363d.jpg Reamer Keller  photo 7-4-14_zps062ab317.jpg The rest next Thursday.

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