Thursday, July 11, 2013

Australian Adam, 2 of 2

Here's the second part of cartoons by American cartoonists for the Australian mens magazine Adam.  photo 7-11-1_zps2a390ece.jpg  photo 7-11-2_zpsd532cedf.jpg Bill Wenzel  photo 7-11-3_zps36eb2496.jpg Reamer Keller  photo 7-11-4_zpsa2eb28a5.jpg Bo Brown  photo 7-11-5_zps96617b05.jpg  photo 7-11-6_zpsd8538c4b.jpg Bob Thaves  photo 7-11-7_zps96a8e2db.jpg  photo 7-11-8_zps51ee281f.jpg  photo 7-11-9_zps353c3cbe.jpg Ted Trogdon  photo 7-11-10_zps577b6f1e.jpg  photo 7-11-11_zps246a7b3e.jpg  photo 7-11-12_zpsa97129ce.jpg Al Ross  photo 7-11-13_zpse71f41ae.jpg  photo 7-11-14_zpse6971551.jpg

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  1. Just a guess, but the last one looks like it was by Burr Shafer.