Monday, November 23, 2015

Sick #51, 3 of 4

The third part of this issue of Sick from March 1967. The previous two parts are here and here.

This parody of Get Smart drawn by Angelo Torres parodies not just that show but the TV spy genre as a whole.

The contents page, which refers to it as Super Spies TV Special says of it, “A complicated TV mishmash in which various super spies get involved with one another—a mishmash so complicated that Inspector Waverly winds up getting the girl! This is the story of a spy who goes to work in Woolworth's and becomes a counterspy—and winds up being an agent in a Turkish bath!”
For those of you who think Bill Cosby's career began with Dr. Huxtable and don't know at one time people liked him, here's proof to contradict what you thought.
Teenman, drawn by George Tuska, is also highlighted on the contents page:

“This time out, Teenman tackles the draft dodgers of this country—guys so tough that instead of burning their draft cards they burn their draft boards! It all started when Teenman saw a sign “Draft Dodgers” and got very mad—he happens to be a Los Angeles baseball fan!”
Arnoldo Franchioni

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