Monday, November 16, 2015

Sick #51, 2 of 3

More of Sick #51 from March 1967. The previous part was posted last Thursday.

The art here is by Bob Taylor.

The contents page says of this story: "A funny thing happened after SICK selected this 100% All-America team—they were all deported! These selections were based on ability, teamwork, fortitude and mainly bribery—from the guys who gave us money to select them!”
Parody of The Joe Pyne Show by Angelo Torres. Hard to be believe with things like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News this was once considered abrasive.
“Episode Two dealing with these fantastic machines that tell you what to do,what to think, what to wear, etc.—in the past we called them 'mothers'. This article shows that computers have advanced so far there's a new one for every need—in fact, if you have a special problem they have a computer that recommends you to another computer!”
Arnoldo Franchioni

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