Saturday, September 6, 2014

Evergreen Review 77

This is the 77th issue of Evergreen Review I got a stack of at the flea market. Not the whole issue, just the cartoons and humor pieces. Other issues I've posted can be seen here and here. This one's from April 1970.

This predates the synergy that's in most magazines today. Not only does the magazine plug the movie Mister Freedom but also has a fumetti adaptation, interviews the director, and uses the still on the cover in its subscription ads.
Early gag cartoon by B. Kliban.
Some scenes from Mister Freedom...
...and another cartoon by Kliban
“Dick Strong” and “Lance Sterling” are actually Michael O'Donoghue and Frank Springer, who later did countless comic book parodies for National Lampoon and before this a serialized strip called Phoebe Zeit-Geist that was collected.

Sorry for not posting the previous installments, which I have no access to, but it's not is if they're needed to tell what's going on.
Hans-Georg Rauch
MAD's John Caldwell
Hans-Georg Rauch again
More Rauch

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