Thursday, September 4, 2014

Comics, The War and After, part 2

Again more from the tome Comic Art in America, from 1959. But just the strips.

This was a library book (The tight binding explains some lousy scans) that I had to return before scanning everything, what's more, it was overdue and I had to pay $13 in fines, so I hope this is worth it to you. The other two chapters were a chapter called “Of Cabbages and Kings” of editorial cartoons and who won the Pulitzer Prize up to that point, and the other was called “The Lyrical Clowns”. It had examples of Krazy Kat, Pogo, and Peanuts; which are still in print elsewhere.

I won't be able to retype the book's captions, but I think I can tell you what these are from.

The first two are examples of Rex Morgan, M. D.
Judge Parker
The Heart of Juliet Jones
Dennis the Menace
It's Me, Dilly
Long Sam
On Stage?
Beetle Bailey
Hi and Lois
Bringing Up Father
Founding members of the National Cartoonist Society

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