Monday, September 8, 2014

Those Cracked Monsters, 1 of 2

Cracked repakaged ever more than other humor magazines. Every few months they would have Biggest Greatest Cracked, Super Cracked, Giant Cracked, etc. Every couple months they had Cracked Collectors' Edition, which was usually the same page count, and based each issue on a theme, eventually most issues were based on the theme of monsters. This issue, from September 1982, in addition to reprinting articles from their flagship magazine, also reprinted articles from companion magazines they had in the past, like For Monsters Only and Monster Howls.

We start with a cover by head artist John Severin.
Then an article by him parodying the Planet of the Apes films.
Vic Martin
Don't know much about Lugoze except he was from South America and also contributed frequently to the adult humor magazine Caricatour. Here he parodies the film Rosemary's Baby which was presumably originally printed when the film came out.

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