Monday, August 25, 2014

For Monsters Only, 1 of 2

One of Cracked's spin-off magazines before they only did annuals, similar to the title Monster Howls they did around the same time. This was a combination of Cracked and Famous Monsters of Filmland, based on the success of the latter. They even had ads in the back for model kits, posters, and the like. There was a lot of repackaging, using material from previous issues of Cracked and original material that was later reprinted in that magazine as well. This was the first issue from November...I want to say 1965 or 66.
The masthead used the last names of actual contributors to the magazine. “McCartney” was the name Bill Ward used for some material.
Parody of the LaSalle Correspondence School ads that were in most black and white magazines
Comic drawn by John Severin.
Bill Ward

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