Saturday, August 30, 2014

Evergreen 64

I briefly went into the Evergreen Review about a week ago and my acquisition thereof, so here are more cartoons from the March 1969 issue.

This one was done by someone named “Jon”.
They always gave a few pages to Michael O'Donoghue in each issue. Here's a fumetti he did with art direction by Cloud Studio, the original art directors for National Lampoon before they decided to go with someone else.
The DeCarlo who did this was not Dan DeCarlo as I previously thought, but a gag cartoonist for many magazines.
Two from B.Kliban before solely doing cartoons in the style he's known for.
The poem Babyhip by Martin Steingesser is not do be confused with the book of the same name.
Jon Kristofori
Brandreth again
David Pascal
No byline for this one.
Charles Rodrigues
Next week: Mister Freedom

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