Saturday, August 3, 2013

Great Cartoons of the World Volume 4, part 3

More from the 1970 book Great Cartoons of the World, Volume IV continued from last week.

Terrence “Larry” Parkes for Punch  photo 8-3-1_zps1326c277.jpg Volker Ernsting  photo 8-3-2_zps50fc1871.jpg William Steig in The New Yorker  photo 8-3-3_zpsd95ceff6.jpg These two pages by Stanislav Holý  photo 8-3-4_zpsc2480304.jpg  photo 8-3-5_zps6927ae00.jpg John Glashan  photo 8-3-6_zpsbf999bd4.jpg Stanislav Holý again, this time for Dikobraz  photo 8-3-7_zps8b62dde3.jpg Barney Tobey for The New Yorker  photo 8-3-8_zps18ff9e83.jpg Stanislav Holý  photo 8-3-9_zps02e6116d.jpg J. M. Bosc did the cartoon written about in the book's introduction:

Steig's woman giving her husband a hot dog [in a future post] is not all different from Bosc's convict who, when he reaches home, finds himself in another prison.  photo 8-3-10_zpsa12c767a.jpg Hans-Georg Rauch  photo 8-3-11_zpse261d65f.jpg Quentin Blake  photo 8-3-12_zpsac08460e.jpg John Glashan  photo 8-3-13_zpscfd030b1.jpg

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