Monday, August 5, 2013


This issue from November 1979 commenting on the gas shortage of the time. I can't figure out why Woody Allen would be wearing "flood" pants, though.  photo 8-5-1_zps19064d99.jpg One of the things Randy Epley told me about his days writing for Crazy was this retraction in their letters page apologizing for their wrongly crediting someone else for an article they printed a couple months earlier. He thinks it may have praised him as much as it did so he wouldn't sue.  photo 8-5-2_zps25ca0ff2.jpg Parody of The China Syndrome  photo 8-5-3_zps160a7aad.jpg  photo 8-5-4_zpsd8ec58a0.jpg  photo 8-5-5_zps256f3084.jpg  photo 8-5-6_zps84722e73.jpg  photo 8-5-7_zps7acf35e2.jpg  photo 8-5-8_zps54d33ab3.jpg  photo 8-5-9_zps482418fa.jpg  photo 8-5-10_zpsd54e86e6.jpg  photo 8-5-11_zps8c3e0d0b.jpg  photo 8-5-12_zpsc154dcc1.jpg Where The New Yorker got the idea for their feature.  photo 8-5-13_zpsfe5f46ba.jpg Comic for Crazy News  photo 8-5-14_zps3a0ffcde.jpg  photo 8-5-15_zpsbe422aad.jpg

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