Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hooey October 1932, 3 of 3

The last of the cartoons from the December 1932 issue of Hooey, continued from last Thursday.  photo 8-1-1_zps0df0e784.jpg  photo 8-1-2_zps05eb025b.jpg Bill Holman, creator of Smokey Stover  photo 8-1-3_zps81637765.jpg  photo 8-1-4_zpse609b4f3.jpg Ralph Hershberger  photo 8-1-5_zps28e322a9.jpg George Lichty  photo 8-1-6_zpsda763e07.jpg  photo 8-1-7_zps6ad587aa.jpg  photo 8-1-8_zps56a779fe.jpg  photo 8-1-9_zpscabd8bfb.jpg Jay Irving  photo 8-1-10_zpse417d72c.jpg Chon Day  photo 8-1-11_zpse6dda942.jpg JackMorley, who took over Barnaby after Crockett Johnson.  photo 8-1-12_zps9a01f951.jpg Buford Tune  photo 8-1-13_zps02e5317f.jpg  photo 8-1-14_zps8c5c7b26.jpg

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