Wednesday, July 31, 2013


When Mort Todd took over as editor of Cracked in the mid-80s, in the many reprint specials they published he'd find what he considered the “best of” the magazine and annotated many of the articles with a unified theme. Here are excerpts from #66 in May 1986 under the subject “Crime's War on Law”. This cover by John Severin was reprinted from the Capone parody they did in 1975.

 photo 7-31-1_zps60f59429.jpg The first thing they reprinted was the one-pager Bullet Proof Car, then this.  photo 7-31-2_zps4586fc3d.jpg  photo 7-31-3_zpsae3841f5.jpg  photo 7-31-4_zps05bc7fe3.jpg  photo 7-31-5_zps7b9bd1d0.jpg Vic Martin  photo 7-31-6_zps59321ea0.jpg  photo 7-31-7_zps3aae7602.jpg  photo 7-31-8_zpsac3ef712.jpg  photo 7-31-9_zps26d30168.jpg  photo 7-31-10_zpsd0fe8dfc.jpg  photo 7-31-11_zps61540e28.jpg  photo 7-31-12_zpsd300a532.jpg

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