Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hooey volume 2 number 1, 2 of 3

The middle part of the of the trilogy where I post the cartoons from the December 1932 issue of Hooey, just like last Thursday.  photo 7-25-1_zps94dbcd14.jpg Chon Day  photo 7-25-2_zps1389257e.jpg  photo 7-25-3_zps675501ce.jpg  photo 7-25-4_zpsb6d955f9.jpg  photo 7-25-5_zpsd1c9ca74.jpg  photo 7-25-6_zpsdcf9c0fa.jpg Lawrence Lariar  photo 7-25-7_zps0476d9d1.jpg Cliff Rogerson  photo 7-25-8_zps6eb20eba.jpg  photo 7-25-9_zpsc6a1d3e6.jpg  photo 7-25-10_zps7d21485b.jpg  photo 7-25-11_zpsca003900.jpg  photo 7-25-12_zpsca19e3d3.jpg  photo 7-25-13_zpsa91a9d34.jpg  photo 7-25-14_zps731a7e94.jpg More next Thursday.

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