Thursday, July 18, 2013

HOOEY December 1932, 1 of 3

There were plenty of humor magazines before Mad, like this one. Here's another issue of Hooey, volume 2 number 1 to be exact, from December of 1932

The cover is by Bill Holman, of Smokey Stover fame.  photo 7-18-1_zps4db5e68e.jpg  photo 7-18-2_zps35ca8bdc.jpg  photo 7-18-3_zpsd79a04bc.jpg Adolph Schus  photo 7-18-4_zps6516cfc3.jpg  photo 7-18-5_zps8941ffc7.jpg  photo 7-18-6_zps7d839709.jpg  photo 7-18-7_zpsf67c40b2.jpg  photo 7-18-8_zps30cb1e7c.jpg  photo 7-18-9_zpsa9525aa4.jpg  photo 7-18-10_zps26587097.jpg  photo 7-18-11_zps34f74a91.jpg  photo 7-18-12_zpsb952fd98.jpg  photo 7-18-13_zpsd118ee4c.jpg Most of the cartoonists here are unknown, to me anyway, and there's nothing about them I can find online. From their signatures, it looks like a lot of them had writers they credited.

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