Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Giant Cracked #45, 4 of 5

More from what was considered the best of Cracked when this issue of Giant Cracked came out in October 1986

As said in the editorial at the beginning:

The ever-popular TALKING BLOB stars in this one. A creation of JOE CATALANO and JOHN SEVERIN, the BLOB appeared in many solo stories plus all the CRACKED MOVIES...  photo 7-17-1_zps57ba1814.jpg  photo 7-17-2_zps7f4c16a2.jpg  photo 7-17-3_zpsce2cd7c2.jpg  photo 7-17-4_zps22632db0.jpg  photo 7-17-5_zps13ef6175.jpg  photo 7-17-6_zpsc41fe330.jpg  photo 7-17-7_zps1aa134a0.jpg  photo 7-17-8_zpscf2a4b48.jpg  photo 7-17-9_zpsce4156bc.jpg  photo 7-17-10_zps264afd83.jpg  photo 7-17-11_zps4b86ece3.jpg

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