Monday, July 15, 2013


Nanoo nanoo. Welcome to the June 1979 issue ofCrazy. One of the few times the cover (by Bob Larkin) is actually about the lead article inside, the lead article being a parody of Mork and Mindy.  photo 7-15-1_zpsd5416b61.jpg Coincidentally as I'm typing this, comedian George Wallace just tweeted: “Shout out to Mindy. Mork knows what he did and if I see him he's done I won't say what Mork did but that shit was uncalled for he's done.”  photo 7-15-2_zps9324dafe.jpg The introductions to the articles aren't even necessary except to look as close to Mad as they could.

Here's a strip by Al Scaduto, who people over 35 would recognize from They'll Do It Every Time  photo 7-15-3_zps4c82ad2d.jpg  photo 7-15-4_zps1423c40d.jpg  photo 7-15-5_zps87aaebad.jpg George Siefringer was an assistant to Bob Powell along with Howard Nostrand and Marty Epp, except he didn't go on to do things except like this..  photo 7-15-6_zps5a75b8ec.jpg From an article called Do-It-Yourself Comedy Monologue. With a few exceptions, the characters depicted were already well-known decades earlier. Like we mentioned last week, the caricatures seem to be swiped from other caricatures, and it looks like not all by the same artist either. Some look like Mort Drucker while some look like Al Hirschfeld.

Red Skelton would have been 100 this coming Thursday. Let's all take a moment to celebrate.  photo 7-15-7_zps148dfad2.jpg  photo 7-15-8_zpsabcbead5.jpg  photo 7-15-9_zps3e79160a.jpg  photo 7-15-10_zps1c837b05.jpg  photo 7-15-11_zps0f8d1f3b.jpg They tried to remind you they were a Marvel magazine each issue, and non-Marvel staffers tried to use them accurately. They tried.  photo 7-15-12_zpsb0e3ae4d.jpg The joke here is that these products are the opposite of what the celebrities endorsing them are known for. Some of them don't make sense. Gerald Ford is known for accidents, so wouldn't he be the perfect spokesman for insurance. and wouldn't Hugh Hefner be the right one to endorse vitamin pills? I'd figure he'd be up front about using vitamins (erection pills hadn't yet been invented), telling you these could make you able to keep it “up” all day just like him. And by all accounts,Don Rickles is a very nice person when he's not performing.  photo 7-15-13_zps4aa58729.jpg Parody of the mega-hit The Boys From Brazil.  photo 7-15-14_zps0e4dc295.jpg This drawing by Sam Viviano looks like it may have been meant for black and white, with the newsstand later put in by someone else..

Anybody know who that is between Woody Allen and John Ritter? And is that Jackie Mason between Paul Simon and R2D2? I only ask because I was 9 when this came out. And why is Richard Pryor shirtless?  photo 7-15-15_zpsd678e3d4.jpg Next Monday: Crazy #54. Stay tuned or you're a Nimnul.

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  1. On that last page:
    a) Diane Keaton between Allen and Ritter.
    b) looks like Mel Brooks or Roy Clark but unsure.
    c)Pryor made shirtless publicity photos around that time (dark period for him...)