Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SUPER CRACKED #31, 3 of 3

And now the last of the superhero parody-themed issue of Super Cracked #31, which I've been posting the past couple Wednesdays. The articles are from the 60s through 80s, but were compiled in Summer 1986.

These next few articles were drawn by John Severin.  photo 6-12-1_zpsae0254e7.jpg  photo 6-12-2_zpscb56d0dc.jpg  photo 6-12-3_zpsf5c3b182.jpg  photo 6-12-6_zpsa7e0d3ad.jpg  photo 6-12-7_zps12a4e150.jpg  photo 6-12-8_zpsab39371e.jpg There was some new framing material they used for this issue, some of which used material from previous issues.  photo 6-12-9_zpseaea0cdf.jpg  photo 6-12-10_zpsd776379e.jpg For a while Steve Ditko was a contributor for a few issues.  photo 6-12-11_zpsd17ab2b6.jpg  photo 6-12-12_zps4e49b567.jpg

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