Monday, June 10, 2013


This issue of Crazy comes from December 1978. None of these movies on the cover are even parodied inside and some were even box office flops.  photo 6-10-1_zps1fa6f272.jpg Parody of this particular ad campaign.  photo 6-10-2_zps1bb7b8e7.jpg Parody of Eight Is Enough.  photo 6-10-3_zpsc91d7a3a.jpg  photo 6-10-4_zpsc4e085bf.jpg  photo 6-10-5_zps5238cf93.jpg  photo 6-10-6_zps9b3cbeb5.jpg John Costanza doing his best Jack Davis.  photo 6-10-7_zpsea4baa33.jpg Walter Brogan doing his best Mort Drucker.  photo 6-10-8_zps2920f761.jpg Explanation of then-current go-to celebrity traits all jokes about them focused on. Gerald Ford=clumsy. Anita Bryant=homophobic. Dolly Parton=big breasts. Jackie Onassis=rich. Warren Beatty=promiscuous. KISS=make-up. Zsa Zsa Gabor=multiple husbands. Ethel Kennedy=uh... every son a prominent politician? Rex Reed is harsh movie criticism, I guess.  photo 6-10-9_zps6464243d.jpg  photo 6-10-10_zps67086f1e.jpg Pizzazz was Marvel's short-lived attempt at doing Dynamite or Bananas-type magazine.  photo 6-10-11_zps87234cd8.jpg  photo 6-10-12_zps471c2541.jpg  photo 6-10-13_zpsae65d4e9.jpg  photo 6-10-14_zps9ef0aba4.jpg


  1. "and some were even box office flops."

    There's never any love for "The Bad News Bears Go To Japan". :-P

  2. I was referring to 'Sgt. Pepper' but yeah, that too. As far as CRAZY parodying flops, I have more coming up.